Posted by: raychristensen | March 19, 2009

Welcome to the Wasatch Neighborhood (Tree Streets) Website

Welcome to the website of the Wasatch Neighborhood in Provo, Utah.  Most of us call our neighborhood the “Tree Streets” because street names in our neighborhood have names like Cherry, Aspen, Fir, Willow, Maple, or Cedar.  Our neighborhood is on the East side of Provo, between Brigham Young University and “Y” Mountain.

We post information on this website that might be useful to our residents.  To access this information please click on the tabs either to the right of this post or above this posting in the mountain picture.  Only the main tabs are above this posting, the sub tabs (for example, the zoning map that is under the main tab of zoning information) are given only to the side of this posting.

Information about zoning rules is under the “zoning information” tab.

If you want to contact the Mayor, the City Council or someone else at Provo City about issues of concern to you, suggestions of who to contact as well as their contact information is under the “Contact Provo City.”

Information about upcoming City issues is posted under the “City and Neighborhood Meetings” tab.  Documents relating to the proposal to quarry rock in Rock Canyon are posted under the Rock Canyon headings.

We have also posted information about other organizations that operate in our neighborhood or Provo City under the “Other Neighborhood Groups” tab.

If you would like to be on our neighborhood e-mail list, click on the “Neighborhood e-mail list” tab.

Comments by users of our site are posted under the “Comments” tab.

Finally, if you have suggestions or complaints about this site, please contact the neighborhood chair.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We love our neighborhood.  It is a wonderful place to live.